July 2017

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speaker from Northampton: Stan Burditt.




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                                                      VIEW FROM THE PULPIT               July 2017


FAULTY TOWERS   Early in the morning on June 14th. a fire broke out at the Grenfell Tower block in Kensington, London. It is thought that an electrical fault in a tumble dryer or refrigerator in a ground floor flat was the cause of the fire but this gas not been determined yet. The Fire Brigade was called and in a few minutes were at the Tower along with Ambulance and Police emergency services. The fire had spread from inside to ignite the cladding outside, which enveloped the whole of the 24 storey Tower Block. Very soon the whole building was a raging inferno. About 600 residents occupied this social housing facility, from many ethnic backgrounds. At least 80 bodies of men women and children have been found, some have not been identified yet. It is said that the fire reached one thousand degrees centigrade and with only one central stairway, the top floor residents were cut off from escaping to safety. The Prime Minister has appointed a retired judge to conduct an official inquiry into why this happened with such loss of life.

An immediate inspection of all Tower Blocks  in the UK was undertaken by every council authority and over 100 Towers failed the test. The cost in financial terms will be immense but the cost of the loss of life from one fire cannot be measured in monetary terms. What value can be placed on a soul?

It is the responsibility of the Judge to determine who is accountable for this horrendous fire. The surviving residents are calling for justice and accountability.

It says in the Bible, “Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?” We shall all stand before God to give account of our life. His justice demands it, those who have Christ as their Saviour will be received into Heaven, and all others will be guilty and sent to Hell.

Some questions that Sir Martin Moore-Bick, the presiding Judge will face, will require the Wisdom of Solomon. For example, who gave the directive for these Towers to be insulated?

Was it an EU edict to comply with Climate Change? Was the material used in the production of the cladding panels fully tested to meet fire standards? Did the Contractors install the specified panels? And finally, were there any criminal offences committed?


The TV programme Fawlty Towers was a comedy farce, we trust that the outcome of these “Faulty Towers” will NOT be a farce.


The Bible tells us of two particular faulty towers that teach us important lessons. There is another particular tower that has great relevance!

In Genesis chapter 11 we read of people in Babylon (Iraq) that built a tower to reach unto Heaven. Was this an indication of man’s way to get to Heaven? Or, was it as Bullinger says in the Companion Bible that the flat top of the tower was arranged with the display of the signs of the Zodiac. The first was a poor attempt to get to Heaven by their own works. The second displayed an alternative form of devotion, worshipping creation and not the Creator.

God took action and destroyed the tower and confused their tongues to speak numerous languages. The fault of the tower lay in the purpose of man to get to Heaven his way.


Jesus spoke of another faulty tower in Luke 13 v 4, He said, “Or those eighteen, upon whom the tower of Siloam fell, and slew them, think ye that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem? I tell you, Nay: but except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish”. Why did the tower fall? Was it a construction problem, or an earthquake? We are not told, but it fell. The emphasis is that eighteen men died accidentally, it was not because they were exceeding sinners that their lives were taken. It was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This tower had a fault that caused it to fall. The Lord was teaching people not to be judgemental about other’s sin but to consider their own sin and repent.


The other particular tower that I want to draw your attention to is the Tower of Hananeel. The name Hananeel means “the Grace of God”. This tower overlooked the Sheep Gate into Jerusalem where the sacrificial lambs were brought in. Jeremiah 31 gives us a near term prophecy of the tower and a long term prophecy of the tower. Nehemiah chapter 3 tells us of the re-building of the wall of Jerusalem with its gates and bars. This took place after the 70 years of Israel’s Babylonian captivity. The Priests repaired the Sheep Gate, (the Grace of God looking on) Many years later Jesus entered by the Sheep Gate to go to the pool of Bethesda (John

ch.5) where many people were healed. The Grace of God brings Salvation to all who receive Christ.


Zechariah ch 14 tells us of Jeremiah’s long term prophecy about the Tower of Hananeel. After the Great Tribulation when Christ re turns to earth and His feet stand upon the Mount of Olives, the Tower of Hananeel still stands to give testimony that the work of the Lamb of God, through the Grace of God brings Salvation to a needy world.

This tower that expresses the Grace of God points everyone to the Lamb of God to be their Saviour. Dear reader is the Lord Jesus Christ your Saviour or do you trust in a faulty tower?

God bless                                                                            


 Stan Burditt